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Are you an aspiring journalist? Do you have a story to tell? Join the Act Local Think Global network where citizen journalists work together to have our stories told.

Today we are seeing the democratization of journalism as more people than ever have the means to report what is going on around them. This increased flow of information is good for all society. More opinions and reports give more people a chance to make their own minds up on the issues of the day.

Our approach is to Act Local and Think Global. We look at the communities we live in and see how they fit with the wider world. We focus on solid facts and testimony from real people to create stories with impact.

We want to hear from people who have an original story, first hand experience of an event or an alternative point of view.

  • Interviews with informed persons on a particular subject
  • Written, balanced articles of more than 600 – 900 words
  • Photo essays
  • Video interviews

To get started email us at Mailactlocalthinkglobal (at) with a short outline of your story.